: Commandos 2

2008-12-30, 09:36 PM

Commandos 2: Destination Paris

New features
-New abilities for the Commandos
-Alot more enemies than before, now you will truly be behind enemy lines
-New enemies
-The existing enemies, including the new ones, have been made alot more dangerous than in the past
-As a counter-force, now your commandos have a bigger potential in fighting the terrible Nazis
-Commandos will appear in missions in which they weren't before
-The starting equipment of each Commando has changed
-The items have been rebalanced throughout the missions
-No more exceeding equipment, you will have to sweat for a grenade
-All the weapons now have limited ammo (no more infinite Pistol, Harpoon, etc.)
-The weapons characteristics have been altered (be careful with the molotov's burnout)
-The patrols will not attack you, if your non-threatening
-New objectives
-The scenarios will include an infinite quantity of variations and surprises, do not fall unprepared
-Each place, if visited, will have a reward; no more empty areas without a heck of a reason to visit
-New sounds, some taken from the old but never passed Commandos BEL and BTCOD, others new and waiting to be heard
-Some snipers now will leave their position to investigate (not all), you'd better watch out and...take it to your advantage
-Ammo has been rebalanced, no more easy filling weapons ready to kill
-The enemy is more resistant (especially at high difficulty level)
-New background music in main menu
-New graphics, with edited names and Words Of Wisdom
-Vehicles have been rebalanced (now they will be really useful)
-Missions have taken life with alot of people, each doing his work. Trying to give you the feeling to be fighting against the past, and not gaming around
-Levels design has been changed, doors that were easy before, now require your complete attention
-Windows aren't secure anymore, when you least expect it, an enemy could watch through a window and...
-Levels intractability has increased, your Sniper can climb on some trees now, and your men can hide in new unsuspectable places
-The Atmospherical agents (rain, snow) have been reproduced in more missions
-The mod's difficulty has been well calibrated, as much as for Pro's like for Newcomers, everyone will have fun
-Note: At easiest difficulty level, you can cure fallen Commandos by medicating them or by making them eat some food (or medicate themselves by pressing the "use button" in the inventory on a medikit)


http://www.gamershell.com/download_9639.shtml (http://www.gamershell.com/download_9639.shtml)


2009-03-06, 07:39 PM
good game
and thank youi