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2010-08-29, 01:26 PM
I am a kindergarten through fifth grade science specialist. I see about six classes
each day at 40 minutes each. I work with each grade level, helping teach the
science curriculum. The students tend to do more hands-on, experiential science
in the lab with me. I help the students use science notebooks and also provide
training to the regular classroom teachers on how to do the science notebook.
I have also worked with grade levels on their science curriculum. I meet with
them and work on how we can fit the science content into the projects that they do
at the end of the quarter. I have also planned science-themed field trips for som e
grades. I help maintain the school nature trail (which the students often use with
me) and organize one or two Saturdays during the year when parents come and

help clean the trail. Along with the nature trail, I work with the second grade on
planting a community vegetable garden.