: Ismail Yassin - the anniversary of the birth comedian Ismail Yassin

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2011-09-15, 02:53 AM
Google celebrates the anniversary of the artist and a very nice comedy, which surprised many of his films, even comedies of our time
About simple life of comedian Ismail Yassin
Ismail Yassin was born 15/9/1912 in Suez was a youngster and he likes to sing too
Also successfully and vintage mother of Ismail Yassin and left a small child, but he worked hard and had hurried to complete his career until the man could face life
Was his first feature film in 1939 Habayeb behind the film and made many films, which does not have a tournament such as the absolute Baba and the forty thief and the heart has one
As for the number of movies made by the comedian / Ismail Yassin are 482 film
In 1945, comedian himself Ismail Yassin Powell film by a film starring an absolute advisor, chosen by the artist great Anwar Wagdy front of Magda


Some videos comedy of the late artist Ismail Yassin / YouTube







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