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ويندوز 7 - windows 7 كل ما يتعلق بالنظام الجديد من مايكروسوفت [ Microsoft ] ويندوز 7 . . .

اعلانك هنا يحقق لك الشهرة والنجاح

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أدوات الموضوع انواع عرض الموضوع
قديم 2009-10-25, 03:19 PM
الصورة الرمزية Link Dot Net
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تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2009
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افتراضي Windows 7 Mini Win السابع ميني

يمكن نسخه CD بدل DVD

Maximum tail Windows 7 based on build 7600 (x86), already activated. Fast installation.

Build eXPerience, fits on a regular CD and a very fast and unpretentious to resources.
In the installation included:
• Aero theme
• Fax support
• Internet Explorer 8
• Support for modems
• Most regional languages (remove only Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
• Printer Support
• Support for smart cards
• Windows sounds
• Windows Update

Installed Programs:
• Files DLL DirectX 9 c (some standalone / recorded games may need these)
• All v1.2.1.371 find (find files and folders without waiting)
• Flash-v10.0.22.87 IE (the player YouTube and Google Video, etc.)
• Pro read PDF Foxit v3.0.1301 (open PDF files from the Internet in IE)
• V2.1.1 HashTab (Adds a tab on the properties of the file to view the file checksum)
• V3.80 WinRAR (compression tool to handle different file formats)
• Media Center, samples of music and video samples of images
• Screensavers, SideShow, play audio, codecs Windows Media, Player Windows Media.
• Disabled
• System Restore:
• Diagnostics, error messages, offline files,
• Routing and Remote Access, basic services TPM search Windows.
• Connecting to a network projector, IIS Services (IIS) Remote Desktop and assistance, remote desktop, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Simple TCPIP services Telnet Telnet client server, TFTP client, working together, Windows
• Mail Windows.

CAUTION This assembly provided to you solely for educational purposes. All rights to specific products belong to their owners. If you used software products of this assembly, it is assumed that you are the holder of a license or delete the products after the trial period of use. For offenses relating to unlicensed use, provided on disk products, the author builds is not responsible.

Year: 2009
Version: CD
Platform: Windows
Language: English + Russian download
Tabletka: Not required


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