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ويندوز 7 - windows 7 كل ما يتعلق بالنظام الجديد من مايكروسوفت [ Microsoft ] ويندوز 7 . . .

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قديم 2009-02-23, 12:23 PM
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Microsoft is going to release five test updates for Windows 7 Beta on Feb 24. These updates contains no features or fixes. Microsoft has sent an email all MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) to inform about the test updates.

The email reads, “We are sending you this communication to inform you that on Tuesday, February 24, 2009, Microsoft will be releasing five test updates to Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) computers. These updates are being sent in order to verify our ability to deliver and manage the updating of Windows 7 in certain scenarios in the future.
The updates will be clearly described as a test update in Windows Update, and they will not install automatically. The updates will be offered interactively. This means that users will be notified of available updates, but they won’t install automatically. Users will need to go to the Windows Update control panel, select the updates, and manually start installation. These updates will simply replace system files with the same version of the file currently on the system, and will not deliver new features or fixes.

Users will be notified of available updates, but they won’t install automatically. Users will need to go to the Windows Update control panel and manually start installation. They will also be clearly titled as a test update. If you don’t want to install the updates then you can right click on each update and select “Hide update” to prevent it from being shown in the list of available updates.
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